Technical Services

A wealth of expertise and support options to keep your IT infrastructure and systems compliant and optimised for your business

Ensuring your IT infrastructure is secure, robust and compliant

Our comprehensive set of technical services can cover you from every angle. We’ll review your IT service with our ‘triangle of support’ – an innovative approach, which checks and double checks how prepared, responsive and compliant your IT environment is. We can then work with you to tailor a plan to meet your needs. From new implementations to on-going technical support, and from security compliance through to full disaster planning and recovery, all covered by technical project management, we can help minimise downtime, avoid major problems and future-proof your operations.

The best systems get even better with the right support

With Capita’s software systems in place, you know you’re getting all the benefits of working with market-leading systems tailored to your exact requirements. But are you sure all your IT infrastructure and systems are optimised to your business and sufficiently robust to survive the impact of unforeseen disaster? This is why we have developed our cover-all-the-bases approach to technical support.

A triangle of support

Capita software services: The Technical servics triangle of support

We believe there are three inter-related components to ensuring that your IT systems are robust and future-proof. We call this our triangle of support.

Is your IT infrastructure:

  • Responsive?
  • Prepared?
  • Compliant?

By mapping your current IT service against each of these three components we can help you identify where your service is fit for purpose and where the gaps lie.  We can help you tailor a programme to develop and future-proof your essential support systems. You have the option of choosing services from one, two or all three components of the triangle - cherry-picking the components you need.

Keeping you running at full capacity

We can enable secure home-working work for your staff, we can take care of all of your IT support needs, or manage and host your entire system.  And if disaster strikes, with a bit of planning we can help you back to your feet fast.

  • We can set up your staff to allow them to access data and systems reliably and securely from any location.
  • With remote support in place you can outsource your IT support function to our team.
  • Organisations opting for our secure, managed and hosted service options can enjoy flexible cloud based infrastructure with geographical diversity for business continuity and failover purposes.
  • Our disaster recovery services can have you get back up and running again as quickly as possible with as little data loss as possible.

Harness the expertise of people who know these technologies best

With our experts’ technical insight and expertise applied to your organisation and projects, disruption and slippage will be minimised and your staff will be free to concentrate on their day jobs.

  • Our staff have the knowledge, understanding and technical capabilities to help project manage any IT project you wish to undertake.
  • We can help you with your servers OS vulnerabilities installing patches, upgrades as required or even migrating to new servers where this is the most expedient solution.
  • We can help you explore the option of consolidating your servers using virtualisation technology to enable you to run many virtual machines on fewer physical servers.
  • Ensure your organisation receives maximum benefit from your systems when we train your in-house technical staff - extending their skills and knowledge base.
  • We can design, implement and integrate bespoke enterprise architecture solutions.

Staying compliant

  • We’ll ensure that your systems, services and processes follow best practice and remain compliant with all current legislative requirements.
  • We offer a range of bespoke services to help you maintain CoCo compliance and join the Government Public Services Network.
  • We can plan and install critical OS patches as required, to diminish your vulnerability to malicious activities.
  • We perform base OS hardening procedures on all new server builds.