Financial Assessments

Comprehensive solution designed to help local authorities calculate and administer social care and support service contributions

A more efficient and accurate way to determine social care service payments

This comprehensive, easy-to-use solution quickly calculates the contributions citizens need to pay for receiving council care services. It automates many existing manual tasks for either residential or non-residential care, and ensures citizens are assessed consistently, so delivering a better service. It helps councils administer financial calculations and meet their obligations under the Care Act 2014, and potential overpayments are reduced when circumstances are automatically assessed.

What Financial Assessments can do to help

  • Allows direct access to Benefits data in non-residential cases so information can be easily verified
  • Simplifies and automates End of Year uprating, allowing it to be completed in just days
  • Makes it easier to issue notification letters and generate key reports
  • Can automate many other areas – such as changes in circumstances – and reduces errors by removing the need for rekeying of data
  • Is the only such solution that fully integrates with One Housing Benefits, so helping to streamline your processes and save admin time


Benefits Summary

Faster and fairer for customers
Payments are assessed quickly, consistently with less chance for error or overpayment.

Automates end of year up-rating
Calculations are faster, citizens are notified promptly, and manual recalculations are no longer needed.

Processes are more efficient
There’s less duplication, more time for staff to focus on other key areas, and data is easier to access.


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