Digital Services

Taking Revenues and Benefits into the digital world

Help citizens carry out key transactions online, and streamline your operations while improving your service

If you can give citizens online access to their Council Tax accounts, Business Rates and benefit claims, they can conduct their business with you 24/7, at a time that suits them. You’ll be delivering a better service and reducing the burden on your own contact centre and front office staff.  Our Advantage Revenues and Benefits Digital Services solution enables citizens to sign up securely online and access the information they need without speaking to front line staff. They can also notify you of important changes, and as their data will be transferred directly to your systems without rekeying, the results will be more accurate.

What’s included in the Digital Services solution

  • Council Tax
    Citizens can use a range of services such as e-Billing and Direct Debit. They can inform you of a change to their address, make a payment arrangement, or apply for a discount or exemption.
  • Benefits
    Claimants have instant online access to full details of their claims, including awards, payments made and overpayments.
  • Landlord Access
    Landlords can easily view a summary of payments they’ll receive – invaluable in helping them manage their cash flow.
  • Business Rates
    Businesses can quickly check outstanding balance, reliefs and payments, and see detailed calculations of their charges.
  • Education Benefits
    Schools have direct access to free school meals information, and can download schedules whenever needed.
  • Advantage Digital BIDs Online
    BID boards are able to view Business Improvement District accounts, and you’ll stay up to date with management information.
  • Connect and Serve (Portal)
    Makes it easier for your staff to help citizens switch to self-serve. When staff are setting up an account, they can view processes exactly as a citizen would see them, alongside their own front office outline of the information. 



Give your citizens a modern service

Banks, utilities and many other organisations already communicate with their customers this way. It’s the service citizens expect, and it’s your chance to encourage them to channel shift.



What it will help you do

Reduce costs  – it’s cloud based, removing the expense of administration and hosting. eNotifications and eBilling will also help you save on postage, stationery and printing.

Expand when you’re ready – the Digital Services solution forms a natural pathway to a corporate platform, and doesn’t require third party support.