A simple, secure payment collection system that offers more payment choices for customers and improves revenue collection for you

Streamline the way you collect payments from customers and speed up their transactions

Pay360 is Capita’s cloud-based solution for payment collection. It offers your customers a wide choice of payment options – all highly secure - while boosting efficiency for you and saving time. It comes as a suite of products capable of handling payments online, by phone, by app, over the counter and via direct debit. And at its heart is an income management module that controls and reconciles all payments, and formats the data so it can be smoothly exported to update your back office systems.

How Pay360 makes life easier for you and your customers

  • Pay360 makes it simple for your customers to pay by card, PayPal or Pay by Bank, on their smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • They can pay by phone - Either fully automated with keypad or speech recognition, or staff assisted.
  • They can pay over the counter - Card, cash and cheque plus contactless payments in all forms (card, Android Pay and Apple Pay, as well as at Post Office and PayPoint outlets.).
  • Recurring payments are easy - Customers or staff can create flexible schedules of card payments.
  • Direct Debits are fully managed - Your organisation can control collections, automate processing and comply with scheme rules.
  • It’s secure - With Pay360’s Digital Wallet we encrypt and securely store card details so customers can make payments with just a few clicks.



With Pay360 we are the leading provider of payment solutions to local government, with a strong presence in many other sectors such as education, health and social housing, plus a wide range of private sector clients. In 2016, our multi-channel card payment solution processed 47.2 million card payments, valued at £4.1 billion



The advantages of using Pay360

A better customer service
Customers have a wide choice of payments options open to them, and can feel confident their details are secure.

Save time
Staff time is freed up and costs reduced when customers can use convenient self-service channels, and income is quickly and easily reconciled and reported by the system.

Enhanced security
Pay360 solutions have the latest card security features and are PCI DSS certified

A single supplier
Pay360 is both a provider of payment collection software and a Payment Service Provider.