Richly functioned and adaptable housing management system

Powerful set of tools to help local authorities and landlords deliver a better service to residents, and gain a clearer view of their business.

OPENHousing is a fully integrated and comprehensive housing management system that sits within our suite of OPEN products. It features an extensive set of modules that enable housing organisations to easily handle every key aspect of their business - from allocations, rent accounting and voids, to repairs and asset management. OPENHousing pulls together all the information housing organisations need to simplify and streamline these essential processes, and displays it intuitively, from one unified and integrated database, often with automated workflow. Residents benefit from an improved service, properties are efficiently maintained, and every function is more visible and easier to manage.

Key areas covered by OPENHousing

  • Customer relationship management
  • Rents, arrears and income management
  • Tenancy and estate management; complaints and anti-social behaviour
  • Leaseholder management and service charges
  • Voids, choice-based lettings and allocations
  • Repairs, planned maintenance and asset management
  • Homelessness



OPENHousing outperforms other supplier solutions because of its functionally rich offering and single database for ease of administration and full audit trail and tracking of information. By working from this single source of information, it removes the need for regular reconciliation, saving time and raising productivity.



The OPENHousing Modules:


Benefit summary

Help your teams find the facts quickly
The integrated and intuitive nature of OPENHousing makes it easy for users to drill down and find the details they need to support residents. Access is securely controlled by user privileges.

A simpler and more efficient database
The same set of property details is shared between every module. With less duplication across the organisation, and a simpler database to maintain, consistency and accuracy are both improved.

Smart modules keep track changes
Because OPENHousing modules are tightly linked, any maintenance work will result in the underlying asset data being correspondingly updated quickly, throughout the system.