Award winning accounting solution for the social housing sector

Gain a clearer view of your entire financial landscape with this versatile, adaptable financial management software.

OPENFinancials is a suite of financial modules specifically designed for the social housing sector. Together they integrate financial tasks across your organisation, simply and intuitively. Data can be updated more rapidly and is always at your fingertips. Reporting is simpler and more accurate. You’ll have a truer, real-time picture of your expenditure and be better placed to analyse your data. Because OPENFinancials is modular it can be customised to your business needs leading to a more efficient, effective and productive organisation.

OPENFinancials top features

  • Completely flexible coding structure
  • Can deal with Non-Recoverable VAT and VAT shelter schemes
  • Easy to use, self-maintaining report writer
  • Integrates with 3rd party systems and Microsoft Office
  • Full archiving facilities.

Our most popular modules

  • General Ledger - includes automated regular journals based on percentage, value posted, or statistical information.
  • Accounts Payable – fully integrated with the Construction Industry Scheme module
  • Accounts Receivable – includes chase letter and payment plan functionality
  • Fixed Assets – capable of dealing with the FRS in respect of housing assets
  • Plus - Integrated Budgeting, Procurement, Cash and Bank, eBIS (Bank for International Settlements) and more.

Benefit summary

A more efficient financial operation
Tasks integrate easily across your organisation so processes run faster and smoother.

A better grasp of your data
It’s updated more rapidly and is always to hand.

A truer picture of your spend
Real time analysis and more accurate reporting.