Emerging Technology

Bring customer service into the digital age with chatbot and AI technology

The future is about giving customers a new way of talking to you – and letting artificial intelligence lift the pressure from your staff.

Emerging technologies such as chatbots, artificial intelligence and HUIs (Headless User Interfaces) will offer a wealth of ways to improve customer service while driving efficiencies and reducing costs. They can give customers answers round the clock. Agents can be freed up to handle the more complex tasks that call for true empathy and understanding, and call volumes will drop. Capita is continually researching these voice-driven technologies to bring new solutions to our clients.

What AI solutions can do

Chatbots can…

  • Offer a virtual assistant for customers, available 24/7, 365 days a year. An extra way for them to talk to you, outside the usual channels of phone, SMS and face-to-face.
  • Handle multiple service and information requests at the same time, ‘handing over’ to a human when the requests become too complex.
  • Integrate with Capita’s OPENHousing system and be embedded within websites via OPENAccess.

HUIs can…

  • Let customers use their voice as the primary way of initiating web searches, retrieving information or making service requests, and then hearing the results. No need for a screen.
  • Record information such as requests for meetings and call-backs.
  • Integrate with Capita’s OPENHousing system and potentially with Capita’s IoT platform.

Benefit Summary

Capita is developing solutions that will…

  • Improve customer service. Enabling you to answer queries 24/7, 365.
  • Reduce call volumes. And free up agents to handle more complex calls.
  • Be more accessible. Allowing customers to interact with your systems more naturally by talking to them, and without needing to look at a screen.