One Housing

A way for social housing providers to transform the service they provide to tenants, and enhance and improve their lives

A powerful, rich and versatile solution for social housing management

The better you understand your customers, the easier it is to manage housing for them. Capita’s OPEN suite of products delivers exceptional insight into their needs, circumstances, what they want to do and how you can help them do it. It is a full end-to-end housing management solution for social housing and local authorities, with the richest functionality in the market. The OPEN suite’s workflow and automation tools, and its comprehensive range of modules, will help you streamline your operations and find ever-better ways of serving both your customers’ needs, and your own.

Products within the OPENHousing suite include:

Other modules are also available to manage Homelessness and Choice Based Lettings as well as property and asset management, including responsive repairs, planned maintenance, gas servicing, ordering of repair stocks and full asset management around properties.



A widely adopted solution

Together our OPEN products serve an existing customer base of more than 160RSLs and ALMOs, ranging in size from 500 units of housing stock to more than 50,000. More than 40% of social housing providers in the UK rely on them.



Simple and effective

The OPEN suite sits on a single database, is simple and easy to use, and can be set up with minimal configuration. You’ll have one fully integrated, highly functional back office that will reduce manual processes and duplication of effort. Data from every department and function can be efficiently captured and easily accessed via a single, intuitive viewpoint.

Expert and advanced

The OPEN modules have been built with the help of social housing practitioners, and the entire suite is backed by dedicated development, implementation and support resources at Capita. We are continually advancing and updating it to remain at the forefront of the industry, protecting your investment for the future.

Better for your customers

You’ll have a 360-degree view of your customers, while all your property data will be instantly accessible by your staff so they can provide the most relevant and up to date information to the people you need to serve.  Your customer interactions will be faster, smoother, of higher quality and greater effectiveness – with the freedom to self-serve for those who want to.

Easier for your teams

Your teams can customise their own home screens to hold all the customer information they need to deal with enquiries. Everything from repairs to benefits to health information automatically appears on screen as the relevant phones calls come in.