Self-service Scanning

Improve your service to customers by letting them scan their own documents

Give customers a better way to submit information, and help that data move smoothly into your back office systems

When customers submit personal documents to your offices, a staff member frequently has to handle the scanning and copying for them. One EDM Self-service Scanning lets customers do the job themselves. The user-friendly interface guides them through the process, and the information is immediately indexed and integrated it into your back office systems and workflow. It saves time for your customers, helps remove human error, and lifts an admin burden from your team.

5 steps to easy scanning

  1. The Self-service kiosk with touch screen facilities is easy for customers to use, giving them confidence, and encouraging them to complete their submissions independently.
  2. During the scanning process customers can select the business area and subject matter, determine the case details, and capture, classify and validate data.
  3. They can step through the process at their own speed making amends whenever needed. Once finished they receive a proof of their document submission.
  4. Scanned data integrates directly into your electronic documents record management system, Microsoft 365, Sharepoint, Dynamics and CRM systems.
  5. Unique ID information automatically matches scanned documents with existing records, avoiding duplication, and keeping associated notes and material in one place.


The advantages of using Self-service Scanning

  • Faster for your customers. They receive a better experience and speedier response to their applications.
  • Easier for your staff. Automated process eases the admin burden on your team.
  • Intelligent indexing and searches. Enables smarter, swifter and more accurate tracking of your securely held data.