Intelligent Assistants

A new way for your customers to talk to you

A smart route to the intelligent assistant revolution. Modernise your services and have better conversations with your customers.

Chatbots, voice apps and Natural Language Processing (NLP) all hold out huge promise for improved customer service, but can be difficult technologies to master. Now our One platform lets you easily design and build sophisticated chatbots that customers can talk to, in natural language, to resolve inquiries. The ‘bots’ are simple to set up – your own, non-technical staff can do it – and don’t need costly infrastructure or IT support. Your customers’ chatbot conversations can also be recorded and captured, so you’ll have a full view of all interactions.

How our One platform simplifies chat and voice activated bot building

  • Ease of use - A drag and drop interface makes it easy to create the conversational bots you need, or edit them to reflect changes in conditions and demands.
  • Smart scanning - Natural Language Processing lets bots scan for sensitive or urgent cases and direct them to more appropriate channels.
  • Connect to your teams - Should it be necessary, chatbot interactions can be turned into direct online chat with your staff.
  • Information capture - Bot conversations are fully integrated with our One Digital Forms and Contact Manager solutions, and captured information can be used to pre-populate forms.
  • Streamlined data - Integration hooks allow you to turn the bots into effective agents, processing data into your back office systems.
  • Built-in analytics - Discover how customers are interacting with your bot so you can refine the experience.



The power of conversation

Voice activation is rapidly gaining hold in UK households through the likes of Alexa, Siri and Google Home. Be on top of this new automation technology and help your customers ‘talk’ to you via your websites, Skype or other voice controlled services. Capita can help you innovate and expand in this area.



Benefits summary

An easy introduction to the intelligent assistant revolution
Your own teams can quickly put this exciting, voice activated technology to use in your organisation – without hi-tech skills or complex training.

An engaging way to communicate
Both chatbots and voice apps can be a great way to interact with customers who are less confident with going online or navigating websites.

A new technology at your own pace
One IA is designed to let you ‘start small’, eg building chatbots incrementally, then widening their adoption when you’re ready, so more services and customers can benefit.