Contact Management

One Digital Contact Manager

Contact Manager is a web-based solution for customer service agents that works with the One Digital Portal and Forms, helping staff manage interactions between customers and the organisation itself. Your teams will be able to access customers’ records, assist in the processing of digital transactions and complete forms on their behalf. Contact Manager features…

  • An intuitive SLA based dashboard that’s easy for agents to use and see the priority of their work. Plus workflow, task automation and job scheduler, as well as many standard CRM functions.
  • The ability for staff to view exactly the same form as the customer or create a new one in the same format as a self-service user.
  • Document upload (per Forms), plus a document viewer for reviewing supporting documentation.
  • Consolidated view of all payments taken from or made by the contact online.

Benefits summary

Improves customer experience – when your teams can see and use forms as customers do, interactions are easier, set up is faster and issues resolved more quickly.

Better workflow – Contact Manager sits at the heart of a smart workflow system, and gives a single view of digital engagement with your customers regardless of the channel of the contact.

One supplier – so the customer portal, forms and Contact Management services are all fully integrated.