Easily create web forms for citizens to use, and improve your data capture and productivity

Quickly build forms that let citizens interact with your services online

This suite of tools will help you design intuitive and easy to use citizen-facing forms. It’s flexible and quick to learn, yet has powerful workflow and automation capabilities working behind the scenes. Enables teams to build their own forms with pre-configured workflow (eg email and SMS) without the help of IT - and to get them up and running fast.

One Digital Forms are….

  • Highly flexible - They’re a powerful tool for rapidly creating forms, and configuring workflow and automation to serve your organisation’s business demands.
  • Adept - They can handle complex, multi-party processes as well as automated document production and messaging through email, SMS or Twitter.
  • Versatile - They can prompt citizens to provide supporting documentation, letting them upload photographs, copies of documents, a video or other media to enable the completion of entire processes in a single form.
  • Helpful - Citizens can save and restart form entry, and always know where they are. Sections are easy to understand and clearly indicate completion status.
  • Accurate and efficient - Includes on-the-spot authentication, and when citizens input data themselves, it’s captured more accurately and saves time.
  • Integrated - Forms can be integrated into external systems and processes, and data can be passed simply to your own back office systems.



Ready to go

Comes with a range of ready-made forms to help with common local authority and housing association challenges, such as:

  • Local Welfare Assistance / Scottish Welfare Fund
  • Discretionary Housing (and Council Tax Support) payments
  • New benefit claims
  • Benefit changes in circumstances
  • Council Tax discount and exemptions applications
  • Business Rates change in circumstances
  • 17 different licensing functions from Taxi driver license applications to Gaming Machine Permits
  • Waste services (such as bulky waste collections or requesting new bins)


Benefit summary

Your teams can create online forms that are custom-designed to fit your own services and help the citizens who use them - all without the help of IT.