Smart Mobile Apps

Build your own apps, quickly, easily and bring your customers closer

Create rich, fully-functioning apps that will help your customers and drive back office efficiency

One Digital Apps is a simple and intuitive content management system for building and managing your own apps. Your team can create fully-functioning apps with minimal training and no advanced technical knowledge. They can tailor them to precisely the services your customers want to use. The apps will integrate perfectly with your back office systems, boosting efficiency, capturing customer information and reducing costs. Your customers will be interacting with you and your services more easily and conveniently than ever.

Six key features in One Digital Apps

  • Flexibility - Your apps will work across all mobile devices and screen sizes, on Apple, Android and Windows.
  • Versatility - They can take advantage of mobile features such as location, camera and notifications, and pull data from a variety of sources.
  • Responsiveness - They’re cloud-based, secure, with real time updates and instant push notifications.
  • Customisable - The apps can be tailored to your needs, so you can ensure your brand is consistently and compellingly represented.
  • Controllable - The intuitive management console helps you create and edit content, and manage structure and navigation. All text and colours are configurable.
  • Expandable - Apps integrates into all the other One Digital components such as eForms, Portal and Contact Manager. 


Benefits summary

Easy to build
Your staff can quickly start creating apps with minimal training and no specialist knowledge.

Convenient for customers
You can tailor apps to the services they need.

Good for your back office
The captured data will flow smoothly into your back office systems, improving efficiency and productivity.