One Digital

A set of versatile digital tools that can be easily tailored to your organisation’s needs, driving customer satisfaction and streamlining operations

A single platform with a wealth of powerful digital solutions

Providing customers with simple to use online services makes life easier for them, and unlocks a host of efficiency benefits for you. It will help you streamline back office processes and reduce costs, while giving customers a more convenient 24/7 service.

One Digital is a flexible platform that makes it easy for your teams to create the apps, portals and forms that deliver improved customer engagement, and can be accessed by any smartphone, tablet or computer. You’ll be able to automate a range of online transactions and customer actions, and bring more accurate and up-to-date information directly into your own systems.

Convenient and effective

Customers can connect with your organisation at any time, and when it’s most convenient to them. Our One Digital solutions let them track the status of their interactions online, removing the need for follow-up calls.

Accurate and speedy

When data is collected online - input directly by your customers with appropriate validation to ensure it’s complete - it’s more accurate and ready for processing. One Digital solutions offer a range of automation options, speeding up the service you offer and bringing down operational costs.

Flexible and affordable

The platform is extremely flexible and can be implemented as a complete end-to-end solution - built for you by Capita, and customised by your own teams or utilised to build your own online services. And you won’t need to invest in costly hardware or IT resources.

Always improving

Capita has a tradition of long-term relationships with our local government clients, and we are continually developing and improving the solutions we provide, taking advantage of the latest advances in technology. With One Digital you’ll receive regular software updates bringing new and enhanced features and functions, and you can expand at your own pace, adding new services as you need them.

One Digital products


Build your own apps, customised to your organisation and your customers’ needs

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A single, secure, convenient gateway to your online services

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Create user-friendly forms that accurately capture all data

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Contact manager

Manage customer service requests and improve workflow

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Intelligent Assistants

Support customer enquiries via intelligent identification and respond to voice and online chat

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A proven platform

One Digital is already helping more than 160 organisations, public and private sector, to enhance their customer service and deliver the most complex online services - while still reducing costs.