In the news: Capita digital transformation initiative helps councils collect more council tax

12 December 2017

A digital transformation programme for two local authorities - Vale of the White Horse District Council and South Oxfordshire District Council - has been in the news after helping support the authorities to collect millions of pounds of council tax.

The two councils partnered with Capita to improve revenue collections through new digital initiatives, including using Capita’s One Digital platform to promote direct debits for council tax payments and deliver electronic billing, along with a new online portal for citizens to manage their account.

The impact – nearly £15million in additional council tax collected

Vale of White Horse collected £7.4 million extra in council tax in 2016 compared with 2014, while South Oxfordshire collected an additional £6.8 million over the same period, with the digital programmes thought to be one of the reasons behind the increases as more than 80% of residents now use direct debit payments and 22,000 people are now using the electronic billing system.

Vale of White Horse District Council leader Matthew Barber said: “With increasing numbers paying by direct debit, and the growing popularity of online billing, we are seeing fewer people fall into arrears on their council tax payments which is really good news. By ensuring people pay their bills on time it protects the public purse and means more money is available to support our vital services.”

Jane Murphy, deputy leader of South Oxfordshire District Council, added: “We want to do all we can to help our residents stay on top of their council tax payments, and offering them more ways to manage and pay their bills online is having a clear impact.”

The digital transformation of revenues collection is part of Capita’s Five Council’s Partnership with Vale of White Horse, South Oxfordshire, Hart and Mendip District Councils and Havant Borough Council. The other three councils are scheduled to launch their digital transformation programmes later this year.

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