Improving server performance at Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council and Westwey Partnership

06 September 2016

Neath and Port Talbot County Borough Council was faced with an ageing V440 Sun Solaris server coming to the end of its life cycle, meaning they would no longer be supported by the manufacturer.

The server was used in conjunction with their revenues and benefits software, storing important data and maximising efficiency, and for such a business critical asset, it was an unacceptable risk to have it unsupported.

Finding the right solution

The council needed the capability to run their multiple systems on a supported server, so liaised with Capita to find the right solution.

Reducing risk

Capita were able to install, test and manage a fault investigation process, plus an out-of-hours live transfer, with minimal disruption to the council itself. Capita’s technical expertise reduced the risks involved with the movement of core business systems, such as the loss of important data.

The consultation

The ageing servers were beginning to struggle when trying to complete overnight tasks. Space was becoming limited and performance of all systems was degrading. Following a consultation with Capita’s technical team, the partnership acknowledged that migrating to a refreshed and fully configured server would provide the answer to improving performance and ensuring the councils were able to operate at an optimum level.

Project plan

Capita provided Westwey with a solution to immediately mitigate performance risk and meet their future requirements. Upgrading the servers as quickly as possible ensured performance levels and customer service would not be affected as well as preparing them for any future unplanned increases in business.


With Capita’s expertise, the migration was both successful and efficient.

The upgraded servers have ensured the partnership can continue to deliver high customer service levels now and into the future, with no disruption.

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