Saving time and money at Vale of Glamorgan Council

15 May 2017

In common with most local authorities, around a third of council tax payers within Vale of Glamorgan claim a Single Person Discount (SPD).

Reviewing these discounts to maximise collectable council tax and prevent potential SPD fraud is a time-consuming exercise. Capita’s SPD review service enables this to become an efficient and effective exercise. 

The process

The SPD process starts within Advantage Revenues and Benefits by simply extracting a file that can be sent to a credit reference agency (CRA) for checking household composition against credit activity, mortgage, electoral roll and other financial data.

The CRA receives the file and, within a matter of days, returns the results categorised by the risk of the SPD being incorrectly claimed. Using Capita’s unique integration between CRA data and Advantage Revenues and Benefits, these results are then automatically populated into the back office.  Any subsequent action is also automated based on Vale of Glamorgan's local configuration.


"Thanks to this new software, 14,000 cases were returned as either no risk or low risk. These were all eliminated from the review as it was very unlikely that the discount was being claimed wrongly, making a considerable saving on postage and time that would otherwise be spent on processing these thousands of reviews.


Approximately 300 SPDs have been cancelled which has raised additional revenue of around £100,000 by our financial year end."


Mike Waters, Senior Revenues Assistant, Financial Services at Vale of Glamorgan Council

The benefits

  • 14,000 no risk or low risk cases were immediately eliminated from the review process and back office data was automatically updated, saving considerable time and resources
  • Credit reference agency (CRA) records were used to help target high risk cases
  • CRA risk assessment outcomes defined the actions to take, resulting in 2,000 medium risk cases being sent a simple letter and 500 ‘special cases’ receiving attention on a one by one basis
  • Investigation outcomes can result in CTR and Housing Benefit being reclaimed.


Download the Vale of Glamorgan SPD case study

Download the Advantage Revenues and Benefits single person discount verification datasheet


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