Supporting independent living with Advantage Impact at WDH

20 April 2017

The situation

Within just 12 months, WDH successfully transformed the management of its housing offering for vulnerable and elderly tenants.

With the support of Advantage Impact - a modern off-the-shelf software solution - they moved from a totally paper-based process to a fully digital service, revolutionising their business in rapid timescales.

Advantage Impact is now supporting WDH’s vision to further promote digital channels to tenants, customers and employees.


Benefits and outcomes

  • Full service digitisation
  • With 40+ schemes and a workforce of 50+ users dispersed over a large geographical area, tenants’ data can now be remotely accessed from anywhere in the business
  • Automated allocation of assessments means same-day assessments are now achievable
  • Electronic customer data offers increased legislation compliance
  • Reduced administration means staff can focus on the wellbeing and support of customers

What they said

With Advantage Impact we are more efficient and effective in supporting the community we serve. Staff members don’t need to be onsite as they can access customers’ details remotely. This has been a real benefit to us as a team.

We are now looking to integrate Advantage Impact with other business applications and further develop the solution to support Community Employment Advisors in helping tenants to get back into work.

Jonathan Hill, Business Analysis Officer, WDH


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